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Activities, workshops and packages

Are you looking for a special activity for a day out, a weekend away, or a completely arranged package? Make your stay with us unforgettable - experience Groningen at its best - by combining it with special activities. See below for various activities and packages that we organize together with locals and numerous parties in the region - even several multi-day workshops. The activities and workshops can be booked for two people, for small and larger groups.

We also offer various unique activities for company outings, effective team building and a meeting break. We are happy to help you put together a suitable program for your stay at Hayema ​​Heerd. The activities and workshops can only be booked in combination with an overnight stay, with a meeting / training or other arrangement from the Hayema ​​Heerd.

Workshops and Activities for groups

(From a minimum of 6 or a minimum of 8 people; rates excl. VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise)


VR-ideal for teambuilding

Use Virtual Reality to improve collaboration, an incentive for team building? Yes, yes! Dare to transport yourself to a non-existent world. From the meeting room you step into a fantasy world, sometimes dark, extraterrestrial, sometimes beautiful or you become a player in a Hollywood cartoon. It feels like lifelike and together with your teammates you combine teamwork, intellect, fantasy and agility to survive.

From € 450,00 per workshop
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LEGO Meeting; let your brain play again!

Building with LEGO blocks is only for children? Then you have never seen a father or mother who prefers to build it him- or herself with the latest LEGO from the children. In this new workshop / training everyone can enjoy themselves, just like in the old days. And it is not only fun, but it provides you and your team / company / organization with many new insights.

From € 450,00 per workshop
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Photo-tour Middag-Humsterland

Combine a unique overnight stay in the straw, in the covered wagon, or at the campsite with a bike ride through the Middag- Humsterland National Landscape. Get on your bike, take your camera, and photographer Melvin Jonker will guide you along winding roads, old dikes, meadow landscapes and historic villages with small medieval churches.With Melvin you discover the most beautiful photogenic places.

Suitable as a group activity and for individual participation at some moments per year.

€ 42,00 pp.; excl. overnight stay
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With a shopping list and route description you set off for a very nice bike ride of smelling, tasting, seeing and enjoying. You can do your grocery shopping at various addresses for pure Groningen products. The route through the beautiful Middag-Humsterland (national landscape) leads you past numerous special places. Back on the Hayema Heerd, cook ### Harrie is waiting for you. Under his guidance you will experience the great Outdoor Cooking workshop together, after which you will enjoy a delicious meal.

Price on request
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booked a lot

Outdoor Cooking

Our cook will provide a unique outdoor cooking workshop. This will be a pampering evening with delicacies that you prepare yourself using fire, smoke, steam and special cooking attributes. The workshop is given outside and is therefore an unforgettable experience.

Price on request
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Sheep herding

The assignment is simple: try to lead a couple of sheep through a course. You learn the intricacies of driving sheep and have a lot of fun with your group. Educational, full of humor and active in the outdoors. Don't get stressed if the sheep fool you every time. A special activity for teams and departments too!

From € 450.00 per workshop. For business customers price on request
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Workshop Building with Straw

Step into the exciting world of building with straw. The workshop Building with Straw is a simulation game in which you and your team have to bring a unique building project to a successful conclusion, with all kinds of complexities that belong to a complex project. From theory to practice, while working hard and having fun together. After a few hours there will certainly be a unique building or work of art.

From € 450.00 per workshop
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Activities suitable from 2 people.

(Larger groups are also possible; rates incl. VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise)


Culinary arrangement with restaurant Piloersemaborg

A special restaurant can be found within walking distance of Hayema Heerd: the Piloersemaborg, where chef Dick Soek is in charge. For lovers of good food, further explanation is not necessary. The very best products and ingredients from the north come on your plate in a delicious 4-course menu. An arrangement for adventurers and foodies.

Price from €£ 127,00 pp, incl. overnight stay Hayema Heerd
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booked a lot

Arrangement “Good Luck”

Are you ready for an adventure? Do you dare to go on an unknown adventure for one day or evening? Then book the "On Good Luck" package. Choose from one of the four themes and we will ensure an unforgettable experience. Do you dare to jump into the deep? Good luck! Booking is only possible in combination with a stay at the Hayema ​​Heerd.

From € 50.00 pp as an extra on the regular booking price. Minimum two people
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Cycling Elliptigo

Riding the elliptigo is like running on a bike or cycling on a cross trainer. A big difference with cycling: there is no saddle. In other words: a boost for the buttocks (ladies!) And no saddle pain. It is a fun, unique and sporty way to make special trips. Pure pleasure and a lot of attention along the way. We have set out a few tours for you.

Rental price elliptigo € 30.00 per person (incl. Instruction and route)
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With farmer Kees!

Training course - Farmers Business

Is it time for something completely different? And do you like being active in the outdoors? Would you rather be tired than lazy and have you always wanted to know what is happening on our farms? Then book our special Farmers Business 'Training course'. (Also suitable for children from at least 4 years old.)

From € 40.00 per person (adults); € 10.00 per person (children)
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Experience the Wadden Sea

Who doesn't love silence, peace and space? Wads walking: up to the knees in the swallow and sometimes through a swallow, it sometimes takes a little more time. But what a sensation it is to experience this! Can be booked as a Wadden package in combination with an overnight stay in the straw.

Do you want to walk as a group activity? Ask for the possibilities.

From € 80.00 per person, minimum 2 people
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Stttt. very nice!

Sailing Safari Lauwerslake

Where do you find wild horses, exotic animals and unspoiled nature in the Netherlands? Step aboard the Vlinderbalg, sail across the Lauwersmeer and you will be speechless. So many Scottish cattle and wild horses, but also large birds of prey such as the harrier, peregrine falcon and the bald eagle circling above the area. Can be booked as an arrangement in combination with an overnight stay at the Hayema ​​Heerd From € 80.00 per person

From € 80.00 per person
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