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Covered wagon on expedition

Really away from the crowds, to a place where nobody else is, where you can peer endlessly into the distance, mobile is tucked away far away. You let yourself be distracted by the birds, maybe a deer, and a wonderful immense tranquility. That is what you can experience if you opt for the 'covered wagon on expedition' package.

We have found some very beautiful and unique places where you can stay with the covered wagon for one or a few days. Beautiful places not mentioned in the tourist brochures. You will soon be the only one who knows.

With a tractor we bring your covered wagon to this unique place. You get a wood stove with wood, enough water and all kinds of things that are needed to save you for one or a few days.

There are no sanitary facilities, or very limited ones. You get a water bag with a nozzle, a shovel and a potty potion. You might find a place where you can swim.

The surprise is of course great if you find a well-stocked picnic basket next to the covered wagon the next morning. Breakfast can be booked. This is how the new 'expedition day' starts with a delicious breakfast.