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A romantic night in Groningen

If you want to spend a romantic weekend away together, choose one of the unique and romantic accommodations at Hayema Heerd in Groningen. Far away from the crowds you can spend the night in a nice straw-bed, for example in such a cozy igloo made of straw!

The straw igloos are a.o. the special accommodations of the Straw-Hotel. The igloos are entirely built of straw and have a glass dome in the ridge. From your bed - at a bright night - You can look at the stars from your bed and you start dreaming together about what the future is going to bring to you. You sleep on a bed that is made up with a thick layers of straw. On top there is a comfortable top mattress. You sleep under a warm duvet and in addition to the unique straw bed, in every straw-igloo you will also find a cozy dining area, heating and a small fridge. If the weather is nice, you can of course sit outside at your own picnic table, or grab such a cheerful sun chair.

Do you like sleeping in straw, but do you prefer a private bathroom, then the straw-castle might be the best option for you. A romantic overnight stay with a more cool theme, relaxing outside, pure adventure with your partner, then choose such a special covered wagon.

We are happy to put together a romantic arrangement, for example in combination with a delicious dinner in a top restaurant, or with a nice and adventurous activity. Do you like surprises? Then choose the package "On good luck".

Giving a romantic night in Groningen as a gift is always a good idea. There are various possibilities.